An Offshore Medic must be able to work autonomiously and be capable of managing the medical facility they are placed, under the guidance and supervision of a remote medical director and in collaboration with Top-Side Support.  They must have a thorough understanding of their limitations and resources, be aware of the dangers of remote environments and be adaptable and flexible to an ever-changing environment.
Offshore Medics must be able to work within the offshore team and become part of that team.
Remote/Offshore Medics operating within the oil, gas and exploration industries are subject to strict guidelines for employement. These guidleines include certification in basic & acute life support, trauma life support, amongst other safety certifications.
The course developed and delivered by EquanimityAsia is a 10-day course at our training centre covering Trauma, Cardiac, Airway, Environmental and Primary Health modules amongst others. Students are required to have documentation of 60hrs of clinic placement in both primary care and emergency department as a pre-requisite to entering the course. A refresher course after two years is mandatory to allow the medic to continue practising utilising our certificate.

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